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5 Reasons Why You Should Carry Trekking/Hiking Towels

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, and always on the go, chances are you have a favorite product that is so small, it easily fits in your pocket – but always finds its way into your pack. One such item is the trekking towels.

While there are many different kinds of towels that you can use for trekking, some have specific purposes and uses. Here are some of the great options of trekking towels to keep your body dry while keeping your bank account happy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Carry a Trekking Towel on any Hiking Trips

Trekking towels can be used in many situations, but hikers can benefit most from these multipurpose towels. If you have ever hiked before, then you’re probably well aware of the challenges involved with staying clean and dry while on the trail. A good quality Trekking Towel can help keep

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you clean, dry, and happy, whether you’re on your way to conquering your first mountain or hiking up your 50th one. Here are 5 reasons why every hiker should carry one of these multipurpose towels on every hiking trip.

1) Trekking Towels are easy to carry

They are lightweight and can fit in almost any backpack. Due to their size, they don’t require much space and they can easily be transported along with your other equipment in an outside pouch or inside of your bag. They do not take up much space at all, so there is no need to worry about fitting everything else you need in your backpack alongside it.

2) Trekking towels are super absorbent

Most of us have experienced, at one point or another, having to spread out our jacket or shirt on the ground so they could sit down and rest. However, if you bring along a hiking towel with you, all of your worries will be wiped away – because these towels are super absorbent.

3) Trekking towels dry easily in the wind

If you’re looking for one of the best-hiking towels, you’ll want to consider whether it will dry easily. Since trekking with a wet towel can be dangerous due to slipping and causing injury, it’s important that your towel is lightweight and dries quickly when exposed to wind or high altitudes. A small pack towel can go a long way toward making sure you stay dry while out on your next hiking trip.

4) Trekking towels are soft and comfortable

Most hiking towels come with an incredibly soft material that can make your hike more enjoyable. Instead of using your standard cotton towel to dry off, you should get a trekking towel. They’re just as absorbent but they’re not going to scratch and irritate your skin like regular towels do. Make sure you get yourself one of these hiking accessories if you love being outdoors, and want to enjoy every moment without worrying about chafing or scratching.

5) Trekking towels don’t take up much space

A small microfiber hiking towel will take up hardly any space at all in your backpack. They dry quickly: Microfiber is quick to absorb water, but it also dries out quite quickly. It’s perfect for outdoor trips because you don’t need to be concerned about leaving it out for long periods of time and letting it air dry.

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